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God’s Power Heals Relationships April 5, 2012


Joe is in his mid-forties. When the economy tanked a couple of years back, Joe was left without a job. At first it seemed great, but as he began turning in applications and handing out résumés, no one was calling him back. Things at home weren’t going well, either. The family mix has ex-spouses, stepchildren, and children from the present marriage. All said and done, life didn’t seem very hopeful, and Joe was thinking of joining his brother who had died a couple of years ago.

Joe grew up in a religious home, but without the understanding of Christ’s love, forgiveness, or strength. Fortunately, his neighbor had been discussing spiritual issues with him. When his neighbor suggested they meet with me, he was willing to try most anything. We talked about his situation, his religious background, and the issues at home, and then shared the significance of coming to Christ. We discussed the importance of approaching his problems from God’s perspective and the power God can bring in resolving relationship issues and heart attitudes. Joe bowed his head and prayed for Christ to become a part of his life and to begin changing his life and the home situation through him.

What happened next was miraculous. Joe intended on going home and initiating a conversation with his wife. To his amazement, she started the conversation, and they began reconciling that day. Things seemed to go better with his daughter, his stepchildren, and their shared children. Places of employment that Joe thought were avoiding him began calling him for interviews, and he anticipates entering the work force very soon.

Joe’s been attending church and finding fulfillment in the songs, messages, and fellowship. His thoughts of self-destruction have left, and he can hardly believe the change he has experienced through coming to Christ. His family hasn’t joined him yet, but they are seeing a difference in his life. His neighbor will begin discipling him in the near future, and who knows – perhaps his family will follow in his footsteps.