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Field Stories

Volunteers June 20, 2012


We have always sought to meet the needs of our neighborhood as a whole while offering the hope that can only be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For years we distributed food in a very limited way, sending it home with the children after Kids’ Club each week and with the parents after Family Night every month. But this year God opened the door to distribute food every week. I am excited because this regular distribution not only allows us to better meet the physical needs in our community, but to also pray with families in need and let them know about all the other ministries going on at the church, like Kids’ Club, Teen Club, Bible studies, addiction recovery, etc.

I am also very encouraged by the individuals from our congregation who volunteer to help each week. John* was raised in a Christian family but spent nearly fifty years out in the world. He was living in a drug house only two blocks from the church when a coworker of mine started to befriend him and invite him out to church. God has done a remarkable work in John’s life. He not only attends church each week, but also helps out at Teen Club, Family Night, and our weekly food cupboard. John even gave up his Tuesday Bible study (which he loved) and switched to Wednesday just so he could help out with the preteens; he is a real blessing and encouragement.

Pete* was saved at a Billy Graham crusade after years of addiction but never found a church home and almost fell back into addiction after losing a leg in a motorcycle accident. Today he not only attends Cornerstone regularly, but is always busy serving and willing to do whatever needs to be done; he helps out at the food cupboard each week and teaches a recovery Bible study, as well.

Miss Linda’s former church had closed its doors (like so many churches in the city), but God brought her to Cornerstone through our annual block party. Linda now volunteers as a preteen leader and cooks for both Teen Club and God Squad. Miss Pat came to Cornerstone through our youth ministries; by this I mean she came out to investigate as a result of her granddaughter’s involvement.

*Names changed