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Breaking Through the Clouds May 25, 2016

This morning I took the 6:15am United flight from Philadelphia to Chicago. It was a spring day in Philadelphia that was overcast and a little gloomy with a light sprinkle. I settled into my window seat and was thinking through things as the plane took off. I was thinking about some of the heavy things that I was hearing from some of our missionaries recently and just praying and asking the Lord to bless them. As we began to climb, we began to go through the clouds and it got even darker. I found myself praying protection over our ministry and our people—that God would protect them from the evil one with the armor of God.Continue

Electronics Sometimes Cause You to Go Comatose May 18, 2016

I was in Pennsylvania driving home from work one night and I had inadvertently bought some potato chip dip thinking it was only sour cream. So I went to a Wawa (for those of you not in the Philadelphia area, it’s a major convenience store that sells gas and everything else. It’s wonderful!) to buy some potato chips. I bought the chips and was just focused on thinking about the day. I paid for the chips, left the store, and promptly opened the door and got in the car. Then I realized it wasn’t my car. And to make matters worse, there was a high school kid in the passenger seat.Continue

Starting Over May 11, 2016

Recently I had a corrupt file on my Mac (which – for all you naysaying PC users – actually happens really infrequently). The corrupt file kept me from doing a task that I must do every month. Work began to pile up and I began to get frustrated. So I called the help desk, was on hold for over an hour and a half, finally spent four hours on the phone with some guy somewhere in the world pirating my computer to fix the problem. As soon as he got off the call, I tried to get back into the program and it immediately crashed again with the same problem. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was.Continue

Who Are You April 27, 2016

Abby Mason spoke at our InFaith national conference and talked about our identity in Christ – who we are, who we say we are, who we think we are. She started in a way which at first is shocking, but when you think about it further is actually so right on. She said, “I am not a sinner, but I sin.” The idea there is that God has redeemed us: He’s grafted us into His family and made us His children. He’s bought us with a price, shed His blood for our forgiveness, and given us hope. So we need to walk in our new identity as a new creation.Continue

Staying in the Flow April 20, 2016

One of the things that I’ve learned and have enjoyed is being more in tune with the work and the person of the Holy Spirit. There are lots of different flavors of how people approach the work of the Spirit, but one universal thought is that the Spirit flows within us and we need to stay in that flow. Recently I was preaching in a church and I really sensed that the way I needed to end my teaching was different than what was planned – it would create a logistic nightmare and would create a problem for people that love structure and sameness. But I decided to take a chance and stay in the flow. I said to the congregation, “If you would like to know more about this, or experience this, just come forward and we’re going to pray with you.” God did a great work there.Continue