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Authority October 6, 2016

Authority is an interesting word. To some, it’s scary because it displays power and dominion over someone. Other parts of authority can be good: parents have authority to make appropriate and right decisions to protect their children. But isn’t it interesting that God gives us authority over the world, over His creation. We see that as we tame the animal kingdom and use the natural processes of growth through plants and trees to feed ourselves. We also see that God has given the Church authority to take things back that Satan has robbed from us.Continue

What is Church? September 28, 2016

I am in leadership on the board of elders of our church. I love our church. I love how we were able to be one of the planting families, how we have watched it grow, we’ve watched some issues surface, but we really do love being part of Sanctuary Church. I’ve been asking the question recently, “What is church? What is it really? Is it the Sunday morning? Is it the programs? The youth ministries? The women’s ministry? What is it?”Continue

Permanent Mistakes September 21, 2016

The other day, I was texting a friend and through the auto-spell check it spelled something that was very, very wrong and very inappropriate to say to anyone. As soon as I hit the send button, I realized the mistake I had made and I panicked. I wanted to get it back. I realized I had made a permanent mistake: I could not get it back, there was nothing I could do. The only thing I could do was explain to the person that I really didn’t say that, it was auto-check and I was so sorry that they even had to read something as foul as what it said.Continue

A Two-Year Old September 14, 2016

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Last week I got to be with my granddaughter, Flora, who is two. Two-year-olds are fun; they’re also a lot of work. I learned some things just watching and being with Flora for an extended period of time. Two-year-olds want to learn about everything—they’re inquisitive—their eyes are always looking for new things. They laugh. They laugh at things that aren’t even funny just because they’re amused by how things are put together. They relate: they want to crawl up on your lap and have you read a book. They want you to hold their hand. They want to show you things. Continue