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Benevolent Fund July 29, 2015

We’ve been really concentrating on the theme of reaching locally – looking at what’s right in front of us – not overseas, not another country, not another city – what’s right in front of us – and seeing what God might have us do to reach local. I’m in charge of the benevolent fund at our church (Sanctuary Church in California). We get a number of requests and we have a great system to be able to make decisions and give help within three or four hours.Continue

Craftsmanship July 24, 2015

If you read my blog regularly you know that we are moving our Home Office from Villanova to Exton, Pennsylvania – about twenty-three miles away. We’ve purchased a really cool office condominium and we’re doing some reconstruction to retrofit it to make it ours – so it becomes InFaith and speaks of our history while propelling us to our future. In the course of this process I’ve watched some really skilled people: electricians and plumbers. But there’s one person in particular that I’ve enjoyed – our project manager. He is so even-keeled and mild. We keep throwing curves at him: asking questions, showing up every day, looking over his shoulder, measuring things – and he seems to love it. He enjoys the input. He listens. It’s a good thing. What I really appreciate about him are his skills: he’s a craftsman. He’s building something for us and we trust him. He knows how to plan ahead to get the right people at the right place at the right time to accomplish the right goals.Continue

Reach Local July 21, 2015

When Jesus was taken up to heaven, He said to the disciples, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) I think it’s interesting that in the last instructions God gave He said, “Reach Local – start in Jerusalem – make sure your hometown knows me.” Make sure your home, where you live, experiences the glory and the power of God. Make sure that before you go traipsing around the world, you take care of what is local – what’s right in front of you.Continue

Blank Canvas July 17, 2015

Recently while talking to a friend we contemplated this question: If we had to draw or construct something that would represent God, what would we do? What would it look like? What is our concept, our expression of God? What part of God’s character would be the most meaningful – would it be His love, His justice, His mercy? Would it be His care for us? His sacrificial atonement for us? What characteristic of His begs the most for us to display it?Continue

Home July 14, 2015

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I work in Philadelphia, live in Southern California and travel back and forth each month for an extended stay. I’ve been doing this for almost eight years now. I’ve learned how to cope with what it means to be home and what it means to be away. But I want to talk to you about home. I love home. Home is where my wife, RobAnne, is. Home is where my stuff is – the stuff I care about. Home is where my own bed is. I love sleeping in my own bed. Nothing can replace home. But home, really, is anywhere that RobAnne is. I’ve been married to her for forty-one years. We’ve established a home that I love.Continue

God and Worship July 10, 2015

God and Worship

Take a look at this photo – it looks ridiculous, doesn’t it – a guy carrying golf clubs with his hands raised to heaven. But it is a symbol of something that I really enjoy: I love to play golf in the morning when there are very few people on the golf course. While I’m playing golf, I like to talk to God. I love to spend time with Him and ask Him about the day and connect and center into the Spirit. I love to play golf; my father taught me how to play golf when I was five years old. Almost every major decision in my life has been made on a golf course with my father. So golf is part of who I am.Continue