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Snow February 3, 2016

Recently you may know that we had a couple feet of snow come down in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. There was no place to put all of the snow. A snow emergency was declared. Parking was at a premium. People were buying out all essential food products at the store. It was a mess. The storm was just as it was predicted to be: there were forty-mile-an-hour winds and ten- to twelve-foot drifts. It was all that the weather people said it would be.Continue

A Job Well Done January 27, 2016

I just got back from a trip to visit some of our missionaries in Nebraska. I met with some wonderful people. There was one couple that I met with and we had lunch at their house. The man has had some severe medical issues. I began to talk to him about his life. He shared some of the great things that were happening and also some of the hurts in his life. There was fellowship there – a bond – between me, from Southern California working in Philadelphia, with this man in a small town in Nebraska. Fellowship happened because Jesus was the center. The Holy Spirit brought us together.Continue

My Life Verse January 20, 2016

Every once in a while I’m in a meeting or with a group of people and they ask, “What is your life verse? What is the part of Scripture that you stake your life one?” I always kind of balk at that idea because it depends on where I’m at in my life and what’s going on around me. The section or verse of Scripture I’m currently clinging to is affected by how things are with my family, my job, my kids, and how things are financially and health-wise. But there is one verse that I think summarizes everything that those smaller life verses have said. It’s found in John 2:5. In that chapter, the wedding feast of Cana is taking place. They run out of wine, people are distraught, Jesus’ mother tells him they have no more wine, and Jesus starts a dialogue with her. Then Jesus’ mother says to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” That’s my life verse – “Do whatever he tells you.”Continue

Reach Local January 13, 2016

As I’m thinking more lately about the concept of reaching locally, I’m starting to see it being lived out in multiple ways around me. Over their Christmas visit my family was sharing about a ministry they love which helps build support for foster families. It’s so good just to think about how this ministry reaches locally into their surrounding community. Continue

Questions January 6, 2016

I recently heard a sermon on self-talk and the kinds of questions that we ask each other. It looked at how those questions influence our life, and what they do to our outlook and to the decisions that we make. For example, if you ask yourself the question “Why am I so stupid?” or “Why am I so fat?” or “Why does every bad thing happen to me?” that puts you into a mindset of the natural. You try to solve those problems yourself; you take on all those issues yourself. As opposed to saying “What is God teaching me?” and “How can I grow through this?” or “What is it that God has added to my life that allows me to experience him in full and rich ways?”Continue

Joy (from the Archives) December 30, 2015

In this post from the archives, Ridge reflected on areas of his life that bring him joy. As 2016 begins, how will you experience and share joy?


Since it’s Christmastime, we hear a lot about joy, and many of us think a lot about what brings us joy in life. I thought it might be good for me to write down what it is that brings me joy.Continue