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New People October 28, 2014


One of my favorite stories in the whole Bible is David and Goliath. What I love about that story is that David, who’s not part of the army and is just delivering food to his brothers from his father, comes into the situation of Israelites and their clash with Goliath with a whole new set of eyes. Continue

Shopping Malls October 21, 2014

The Internet has been down in our neighborhood for about twenty-four hours, so I’ve had to spend most of my day at a coffee shop in a shopping mall – a very large shopping mall in Glendale, California. What amazes me about a shopping mall is that the reason people come here is to spend money.Continue

Joy October 17, 2014

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One of my favorite people in the whole world is Harry Roach. He is one of our former regional directors and has been a sounding board, an encourager, a cheerleader, a mentor, and just a good friend over my first six years at InFaith.Continue

Finishing in Fullness October 10, 2014

Recently I heard a devotional that centered on a passage of Scripture in Galatians and specifically on Galatians 3:3. It says this: “After you started with the Spirit, are you now finishing up with your own human effort?” (CEB)

When I heard that, it seemed to jump off the page. I could not have had a more direct word from God! Continue