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Liberated December 19, 2014

I was flying back from Europe, and I was looking out the window of the airplane flying over France and Belgium. It crossed my mind that about seventy-five years ago, these were occupied countries. They were occupied by a regime that thought it was a supreme race and took away others’ freedoms. They needed someone to come and liberate their countries.Continue

Expectations December 16, 2014


It’s Monday morning, and I’m beginning a thirteen-lecture series on life management at Holsby Brunn in Sweden. It’s a great Torchbearers school. It’s been here for fifty years or so, and it’s done some amazing things as students get away from the distractions of the world and really get empowered by the Spirit of God.Continue

Sameness December 12, 2014


Every Christmas, RobAnne and I have the same debate. I like colored lights. I like joy, color, and all kinds of cool decorations. She likes white lights. I don’t mind blow-up Santas, manger scenes, and snowmen, but I do have to admit that during the day when the power’s not on, they do look like a natural disaster. But I like color.Continue

Changing the Rules December 9, 2014


I fly a lot on United Airlines, and because of that I have gotten certain privileges – upgrades, more frequent flyer miles, and a better selection of seats in coach as a reward for giving United my business. I got used to that. I like getting on the plane first and having a bin I can put my bag in without fighting anybody else. Continue

Grandparents December 5, 2014

We just spent the first holiday with any grandchild since Flora was born six months ago. (She is our first grandchild.) It was a crack-up: all we did was watch the baby. We sat around and watched her discover her feet or her hands or move a little bit or roll over. We spent all that time watching her, and for me, it was like reliving those moments twenty-five years ago when our own children were little and we just wanted to play with them.Continue

Ownership vs. Stewardship (from the Archives) December 2, 2014

As you are shopping and buying Christmas gifts for your friends and family, take a break to consider these thoughts from the archives:

Recently I was looking at a list of donors to our mission and realized how consistently and sacrificially many of our people give. This concept of being generous – a generous people – is one of the key marks of a Christian. It comes from a deep-seated understanding of stewardship.Continue