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Hearing Music August 28, 2015

One of the playlists I have on my iPhone is classical music, and every once in a while I put it on. I find it relaxing, and I find myself being inspired by some of the great melodies that have been authored by great musicians in the past.

I was listening to a piece by Johann Bach, and this thought occurred to me: Bach heard this melody in his head long before he put it into sheet music. He heard the bass; he heard the treble; he heard the orchestra; he heard the melodies; he heard the recurring themes. He heard it in his head. But he didn’t leave it there. He shared it with the world. He shared it as a masterpiece. He put it down on sheet music.Continue

When It All Comes Together August 25, 2015

We’re moving our Home Office. We will move this week, and we have done a fair amount of construction in our new offices. This morning, I have great joy because it’s all coming together. The painters will be done. The glass people will be there on time. The cleaners will be done, and the furniture will be arriving. All the planning, all the process, and all the decisions that needed to be made suddenly are coming together, and it feels very fun. Yes, it’s tense because it’s the eleventh hour, but it is really, really wonderful to watch the plans come together.Continue

Empty Office August 21, 2015

Because we are moving and someone on our field staff really wanted to take some of our stuff and use it for a yard sale that would help people get to the mission field, my office is almost bare for the last month I’m here. There are no books on the shelves, and our chairs are gone. I have a folding table. It echoes in here. It just seems to incredibly Spartan. It feels empty and uncreative. It doesn’t feel like my office.Continue

Taking Care of Things August 18, 2015

If you follow my blog, you know that we are moving our office about twenty-four miles to the west, to Exton, Pennsylvania. We’re doing so because we’re automating some of our systems in the mission, and we simply have fewer people working in the Home Office.

The move has required us to go through boxes and boxes of things that have been saved for years. Some are very valuable – deeds from the 1700s, correspondence from the 1800s, and minutes from a Board of Managers from the early 1800s. The problem is they weren’t taken care of. They weren’t put into an environmentally controlled space. They weren’t placed in acid-free boxes. And so these beautiful leather books are disintegrating, and as they disintegrate, so does some of our history.Continue

A Weekend Away August 11, 2015

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It was my wife’s birthday on Friday, and we got away for part of the weekend. We spent the night at a great hotel in Lancaster, ate at some great restaurants, and enjoyed walking together. It was just a really good weekend.

There were three t’s of why it was such a great weekend:Continue