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Sunny Days June 1, 2012

Sunny Days

If you spend any time in the United Kingdom, you’ll know that sunny days are valuable. What happens when there’s a sunny day in England is everyone does as much recreation as possible.

The 162 students at Capernwray Hall have experienced two or three days of bright, cloudless sunshine – very unusual. Everyone has shorts on; people are just lying on the ground, soaking up the sun and enjoying the warmth that comes from a nice, sunny day. Even the sheep are enjoying the sun, as they sort of huddle together and make sheep sounds, almost to say, “This is really nice.”

Sun, brightness, and light do something to the soul. In staff meeting today, the Capernwray staff talked about how sunny days energize the students, and I agree. There’s something about the sun, something about the light, that exposes everything and gives us a sense of energy and joy that comes only when we experience the sun.

That’s also true of our relationship with the Lord. His presence brings us energy, power, and strength, and changes everything. It drives out the darkness.

Sunny days in England are a marvelous thing.