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The Communion Table April 26, 2013

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Last week, InFaith’s national conference took place at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. We used a theme of being overwhelmingly refreshed, and the first night, we talked about God’s presence.

Imagine yourself there with us. We gathered in a grand hall with a huge fireplace and a grand piano, participating in some awesome worship, and then hearing significant and poignant teaching from God’s Word. In front of the speaker stood a table, covered with a drape. After the speaker finished, the drape was lifted to reveal an incredible table set with fancy china, silver, pears, and grapes. It was spectacular. We took communion in the presence of the Great King at a table set for a king, in an ambience that was filled with His presence.

Maybe aluminum communion trays and plastic cups don’t do our Savior justice. Maybe we ought to be more extravagant, not to drum up His presence but to celebrate that He is the King of kings and Lord of lords and deserves the very best. Maybe we ought to serve communion in chalices made with the finest silver instead of plastic.

I know there’s no magic in the elements. I get that clearly. But there is something about showing respect and dignity to the presence of the King of Kings, the Lord of lords, and the Creator of all.

I wish you could have been there last week. It was an awesome communion.

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When shopping for shoes in the 1980s, Ridge’s toddler son, R.W., brought him a pair of red ones to try on. He bought that pair and has worn red shoes ever since! Those red shoes have now brought him to InFaith, where he serves as executive director and looks forward to seeing what God will do through the mission in the future. Ridge blogs on this site about the people and ministries of InFaith, as well as his own life as a Christ-follower and member of the Burns family.