An American Mission


We encourage you to make financial gifts to support InFaith as the Lord leads you to do so. You may choose to support one or more members of our field staff whose work resonates with you, or you may give to our general fund to support our mission’s work nationally. Either way, we appreciate your gifts.

As a 501c3 and a faith mission, InFaith depends on God to meet our needs through the gifts of His people. Our field staff members’ role as part of the body of Christ is to encourage others in their local communities toward a growing relationship with our Lord. They remain on the field (and on the job) only through the support and good stewardship of the rest of the body.

InFaith does not process personal gifts for our staff. If you wish to send a little extra during the upcoming holiday months, it will provide additional support for their ministry.

Give Online

For those who prefer sending gifts electronically to writing out a check, InFaith offers the convenience of giving online with your credit card. Here you can donate to a specific field staff member or to the general fund, and you can set up a recurring transaction to save time when you make gifts for ongoing support.

Donate now

Planned Giving

Through planned giving, you can support the cause of Christ while living on a fixed income and even after your death. We offer many ways for you to make planned gifts – either now or when your estate is disbursed – that financially benefit you or your heirs, even as you support our field staff. Planned giving allows you to use estate assets, rather than disposable income, to make a donation that will come to fruition upon your death. Contact Buffy Bowman at for more information about planned giving.