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InFaith’s field staff reaches local: responding to needs, introducing people in the United States to Jesus and encouraging them to follow Him more closely. Some members of our field staff come to InFaith knowing how and where they are called to serve, while others respond to ministry opportunities discovered and publicized by the mission. InFaith field staff members have a passion for God and a willingness to adapt ministry methods to address the specific needs of the people God leads them to serve.

Our field staff currently serves thirty-three of the forty-eight continental United States. They serve in a variety of ministry contexts, including pastoring churches, overseeing Christian camping programs, directing ministry in an assigned geographical area, working among people in multi-cultural communities, developing creative new ministries to children, youth and adults, and providing pastoral ministry in correctional or senior living centers.

Those called to serve as full-time field staff with InFaith devote their full time (thirty or more hours per week) and attention to InFaith ministries and raise financial support to fund personal and ministry budgets. Those called to serve as part-time field staff with InFaith commit to sixteen to twenty-nine hours per week in InFaith ministry and raise a lower level of financial support.

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You can also serve with InFaith as an intern or on our summer staff.

Additionally, InFaith provides nondenominational ecclesiastical endorsement to U.S. military chaplains, military chaplain candidates, and hospital chaplains.