An American Mission

Ways to Serve

Full-Time Service

InFaith’s field staff introduces people in the United States to Jesus and encourages them to follow Him more closely. Some members of our field staff come to InFaith knowing how and where they are called to serve, while others respond to ministry opportunities discovered and publicized by the mission. InFaith field staff members have a passion for God and a willingness to adapt ministry methods to address the specific needs of the people God leads them to serve.

Those called to serve full-time with InFaith:

  • Devote their full time and attention to InFaith ministry
  • Raise financial support to fund personal and ministry budgets
  • Serve in a variety of ministry contexts:
    • Pastoring a church or churches
    • Overseeing Christian camping programs
    • Directing ministry in an assigned geographical area
    • Working among people in multi-cultural communities
    • Developing creative new ministries to children, youth, and adults
    • Providing pastoral ministry in correctional or senior living centers

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Part-Time Service

The work of part-time field staff members differs from that of full-time staff members in quantity (amount of time) but not in quality (types of ministry or overall purpose). Part-time InFaith field staff members are leading significant and effective ministries all across the United States.

Those called to serve part-time with InFaith:

  • Commit to sixteen to twenty-nine hours per week in InFaith ministry
  • Usually have additional sources of income and employment
  • Raise a lower level of financial support than full-time field staff members
  • Serve on ministry teams, start new ministry, and oversee established works
  • May pursue full-time InFaith ministry
  • Receive mentoring and coaching

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InFaith’s associates benefit from the organizational support of InFaith but do not receive a paycheck through our financial office. Associates include military chaplains endorsed by our mission, tentmakers, and candidates who are still raising minimum support.

Those called by Jesus to serve as associates:

  • Work in many types of ministry
  • Enjoy networking with other members of our field staff
  • Can raise funds to reimburse ministry expenses

Summer Staff

Individuals interested in short-term missions may choose to serve on InFaith’s summer staff. Being a member of our summer staff is both an honor and a high responsibility. We need spiritually minded young people and adults who are sensitive to God’s leading and willing to reach their peers for Christ. Summer staff members must be at least sixteen years old and demonstrate a teachable attitude, faithfulness in handling assigned tasks, and readiness for the adventure and challenges of ministry.

Those called by Jesus to serve on InFaith’s summer staff:

  • Serve full-time for a short term (usually a summer)
  • May focus on one specific ministry or work in a variety of ministries
  • Raise funds for personal support
  • Can earn up to $500 plus expenses each week
  • Get a taste of full-time missions work
  • May discern a calling to year-round missions

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Hundreds of volunteers assist InFaith’s field staff by staffing InFaith ministries. By providing servant leadership as cabin leaders, prayer warriors, Bible teachers, worship leaders, hospitality givers, and specialists in creative ministry roles, these volunteers make our evangelism and discipleship programs possible.

Those called by Jesus to serve as InFaith volunteers:

  • Work with a specific InFaith field staff member or team
  • Provide servant leadership
  • May serve year-round or work on short-term projects
  • Use their spiritual gifts to reach children, youth, and adults
  • Are a valued part of InFaith ministries