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Carrie Turner

Carrie Turner

At Kids for Christ (KFC), a ministry of InFaith, we make a difference with inner-city kids, teens, and parents for and through the glory of God. We hold weekly Bible clubs at a few different locations in Dallas, usually in apartments, where we get to love on kids who may not get much love. We let them know that their heavenly Father loves them no matter what and that He has a beautiful plan for their lives.

Each Bible club at KFC lasts about an hour and goes something like this: First, we go door to door at the apartments and round up the kids. It’s so cool when you go around yelling, “Kids for Christ,” how the kids start gathering to come. When we get back to the clubhouse, we pray, and then we have our rules and special creed just for the kids. Next, we do a few fun songs that the kids love, such as “Big House” and “Waves of Mercy.” Then we have a Bible verse memory game with the kids to help them memorize Scripture and understand what the lesson will be about.

After that, we have a lesson catered just to the kids, to meet them where they are. We make sure that all of our lessons bring in Jesus and the message of salvation because we don’t want any child to leave without hearing the message of Christ and how much He loves them. Finally, we have something that we like to call huddle groups. We divide up the kids with however many leaders we have and we separate into smaller groups to get to interact with the kids individually. Huddle groups are a great place to bond with the kids one on one and share with them more about the love of Jesus. It’s also where many of our kids come to know the Lord.

Won’t you partner with us at Kids for Christ as we allow God to use us in the lives of these children who are so precious in His sight? We need financial support to help us continue to reach these children for Christ. We also need more volunteer leaders to come alongside us and make a difference in the lives of these precious ones. Will you consider partnering with us in whatever way God leads you?