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A Precious Privilege

A Precious Privilege

By Jerry Boyle, who serves with InFaith in California

Recently, I felt that my ministry just wasn’t very fruitful. It had been a long time since I had been able to personally introduce someone to Christ. As I preached a series on the importance of sharing our faith, I told the congregation my desire was to see the Lord use us all in spreading the Good News. I asked for their prayers that I might be more faithful in making the most of opportunities to proclaim His love.

Soon after that time, on a visit to the hospital to see and pray for my 87-year-old aunt, I introduced myself to the lady in the other bed. After inquiring about her health and her family, I asked her how she was doing spiritually.

After a long pause she said, “That’s a good question.” She thought a while longer and said, “How should I be doing?”

I thought to myself, That’s a good question. After I simply explained the gospel and told her that I had trusted Christ for my salvation, she held out her hands and asked me to pray for her. There in the hospital at age 72, my new friend responded in faith to the Savior’s call.

Once again I was reminded of the precious privilege of sharing Jesus. May I listen even more carefully in the future to the real cry of hurting people’s hearts!