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An Open Mind

An Open Mind

by Jeff Norbie, who serves with InFaith in Washington

Recently I was invited to a conference pertaining to addictions. I was interested because many of the people I am involved with struggle with addictive lifestyles. On the other hand, I was uninterested because the group that was hosting the conference was a group that, in my opinion, was a little too separatist or close-minded for my liking.

As I prayed about attending the conference, I also took the time to read some of their materials and view several DVDs they had produced. My heart was softened as I took the time to pray and learn more about the conference. My wife and I decided to attend and were glad we did so. Lord willing, we will be able to continue to learn more and apply some of the principles to the ministry into which we are involved.

It seems the Lord was teaching me that I need to have a more open mind and reminding me of the importance of prayer and looking closely at something before I simply write it off in my mind. Maybe we miss many blessings in life because of making quick judgmental decisions.