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Just One Story

By Nathan Bath, who serves with InFaith at Shiloh Bible Camp in Idaho

God did so much over the course of this summer that I could never describe it all here, especially since I know there is much more that took place than I am even aware of. But I would like to share one story that really got my attention:

Every day for the swimming time, we transport kids to the beach on our buses. I drive a separate van to pull our canoes to the beach. One day at our 3rd- & 4th-grade camp, I was just arriving back from the beach when the camp “Grandma” (a lady who seeks out campers who might need the love of a “grandma” in some way) stopped me. She was beaming with excitement and proceeded to tell me how, as the campers were loading up the bus to leave the beach, she stopped to help one girl put her shoes on. As she talked to her, the Holy Spirit prompted her, and she asked the little girl if she happened to be one of the campers who had gone out with their cabin leaders from chapel the night before to pray to receive Christ.

The little girl perked right up and said, “No, but I want to!” Right then, “Grandma” proceeded to talk with this girl and lead her in a prayer to ask Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

How awesome is that?! And it’s just one of many examples of the kind of things God does at camp all summer long. Praise God that we get to be used by Him as part of His work in campers’ lives! I praise God that He has allowed me and gifted me to serve in the camping ministry where He does so much work in hearts! Thank you, Lord!