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Reaching Seniors

Reaching Seniors

By Bob Mathieu, who serves with InFaith in Washington, DC

One of the most enjoyable Bible studies I have is with over twenty well seniors every Wednesday at the Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center in Southeast DC. We are going through the Bible chapter by chapter and are now in the book of Psalms. Sometimes, due to discussion, a chapter will last for several sessions.

These folks are in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. They are as much fun as any group of young people that we have ever had in our ministry, and we laugh a lot. I love them, and they return the love. These are folks who have lived during days of segregation and integration and have hundreds of stories to tell. I love hearing them. They are among the most gracious people I know.

In a day when the emphasis is on youth and technology, I’m learning that we’d better prepare to reach our “seasoned citizens.” We need to get ready for people who have skills, gifts, wisdom, and experience, and who know how to work hard. And they don’t need a camp counselor to look after them!