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The Parking Lot

The Parking Lot

By Rob Sisson, who serves with InFaith in Washington

This year, my wife, Karen, and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary by taking a few days on the Washington coast, about 15 miles from the motel where we honeymooned. Our honeymoon week was so stormy, rainy, and foggy that we never did see our surroundings. Our weather was much better on this trip so we decided to take a drive back to the motel where we had stayed originally and get some pictures with a view this time.

We found the little coastal town easily. The motel, on the other hand, was another matter.

There were only three very short streets in the whole town, and it only took about two minutes to drive all of them. The motel was nowhere to be found. We stopped by the one motel we did find and asked about the one we were looking for. They had no idea where it was. With that, we decided to head back to our own room and get some lunch.

As we were pulling out of town and onto the highway, Karen commented on a very large tree stump – didn’t the motel we had stayed at have one like it at its entrance? We pulled over and took a closer look. Beyond the stump was a driveway leading down to what looked like an old parking lot. Next to this lot was a little mini-mart. We went in and asked if they had ever heard of the motel we stayed in. The girl at the counter said “Yup. It burned down ten or so years before I was born.” She called to an older co-worker who confirmed that the motel had sat next door and the parking lot was all that was left. It had burned down only a year or two after we had honeymooned there; all that remained was this weed-infested parking lot.

We drove down, parked in that old lot, and walked over to the spot, as close as we could figure, where our room had been. We set the timer on our camera and took a picture. It just wasn’t the same. What we had known was gone.

Time passes. We can go back to the places we once knew and reclaim a memory, but not the time. What has passed has indeed passed.

In this world of constant change, where can we discover the unchangeable? Where can we find an unmovable anchor, a fixed point of reference that we can count on? Where else but in our Lord Jesus Christ! His love and faithfulness are beyond all human reason. He is always there. Where better to park ourselves than in Him?

All praise to our unchanging Lord. As the writer of Hebrews said in chapter 13 verse 8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever!”