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Those Who Love the Truth


By Glenn Luppold, who serves with InFaith in Ohio

When we arrive home from leading a service or visiting at a care home, my habit is to have a snack. Recently the thought came that I should make prayer a higher priority than the snack by first spending time alone with the Lord. So, when we got home the next time, as I was raiding the fridge, the Holy Spirit reminded me of this thought.

I stopped, put back the snack, and got alone. I began by praying. Having just been provoked by some political lying hypocrisy I happened to catch on TV, I prayed against it, strengthening my plea for Divine action by an appeal: “Lord, have mercy upon Your people who love the truth.” The words “who love the truth” arrested my attention.

I’ve wondered about my own love for the Lord because it seems that my feelings and affection for Him are not what they should be. But now I reasoned, “If I love the truth . . . hmmm . . . The Lord Jesus is the Truth. I do love Jesus!”

Had I chosen not to pray, I would have missed a marvelous revelation. And there’s more. Isn’t it possible that this may be the way of victory over indulgence? Granted, an indirect victory, but I recall J. Vernon McGee exhorting with great vehemence, even anger, to seek not the victory but Christ. He is the Way of victory.