The Beauty of Sacrifice

I spent the last few days on the road with one of our field directors and visited some of our missionaries in the field. I’ve come away with a wonderful feeling of how amazing our people are. They work day by day in sacrificial ways to take the gospel to the unreached in America. I saw something unique this week that I want to tell you about. It really exemplifies the beauty of sacrifice. One of our missionary couples take in foster kids and have done it for quite a while. They’ve adopted one of their foster kids. They tried to adopt another foster child but it didn’t work out for a variety of reasons and they had the pain of letting that little one go.


Currently they have a baby — a little innocent, smiling baby—who was rescued from a terrible situation. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to tell you all the details, but this baby had been severely abused. I watched this couple embrace this baby. I watched their arms around this little infant, and their eyes meet with hers. I watched them gather this baby to themselves and saw healing take place. There was safety and a place of rest.


The word that came to mind as I watched this mom with this baby was the word “hope.” Her hands spelled hope, her eyes spelled hope, her arms demonstrated this idea that there is hope for this infant who got a terrible start in life. I walked away feeling like I had just seen the beauty of sacrificial love, the beauty of taking on what somebody else rejected, and redeeming them to the kingdom. This child’s story, I’m sure, will be rough and hard with lots of scars and lots of baggage. But what will not leave this little infant is the story of the arms of this mom who loves her.