Breaking Through the Clouds

This morning I took the 6:15am United flight from Philadelphia to Chicago. It was a spring day in Philadelphia that was overcast and a little gloomy with a light sprinkle. I settled into my window seat and was thinking about some of the heavy things that I was hearing from some of our missionaries recently and just praying and asking the Lord to bless them. As we began to climb, we began to go through the clouds and it got even darker. I found myself praying protection over our ministry and our people – that God would protect them from the evil one with the armor of God.


Then we broke out of the clouds and we were in sunshine! The tops of the clouds were illumined by the sun and they looked fluffy white. I just wanted to step out of the plane and walk on them. And with the added blue sky it was like a glorious transformation that took place! I felt like God was saying, “Ridge, walk in the light, not in the darkness. Walk where the sun is shining. Walk where my Son has walked. Walk in the glory of the Lord where there’s light and health and wellness and joy.”


So many of us live our lives either in the clouds or under the clouds: the cloud of guilt, the cloud of shame, the cloud of inadequacy. God raises us, if we allow him, out of the clouds into His glorious light. He gives us gifts and talents, an identity and an assignment that will bring glory to Him. No longer do we live under the bondage of these clouds, we’re lifted into the glorious sunshine of His ministry. This morning I just got an object lesson about that. I knew that in my heart, but I’m so thankful for the visual reminder. I want to stay above the clouds.