This week I got to pray for a group of very diverse people: there was a skater, a camp director, a pastor, people who do puppets, disciplers, and chaplains. What an interesting group to pray for! They came in one by one just so we could pray over them. The amazing thing was that there was a commonality: they all came hungry. They came wanting to know more about what God was saying to them. They also came with an openness and a posture to receive from the Spirit.


The common thread in this group was that they were hungry: hungry to know God more, to experience Him more, to spend more time with Him. They were hungry to have us pray for them. They came desiring a deeper, stronger, bigger relationship.


Stay hungry, my friends. And in that hunger, you will find God. In that hunger, you will find the sweet, still voice of the Holy Spirit. In that hunger, you will find passion and a fresh wind that will propel you to all that God wants you to be. Stay hungry.