Electronics Sometimes Cause You to Go Comatose

I was in Pennsylvania driving home from work one night and I had inadvertently bought some potato chip dip thinking it was only sour cream. So I went to a Wawa (for those of you not in the Philadelphia area, it’s a major convenience store that sells gas and everything else. It’s wonderful!) to buy some potato chips. I bought the chips and was just focused on thinking about the day. I paid for the chips, left the store, and promptly opened the door and got in the car. Then I realized it wasn’t my car. And to make matters worse, there was a high school kid in the passenger seat.


He was playing a game on his phone and, to my surprise, he just casually looked up like, “Oh, you’re not my mother. I don’t know who you are,” And then promptly went back to playing his game. I quickly scurried out of the car, went to my own car, and drove off – hoping that he wouldn’t call the police for some sort of child abuse act.


I couldn’t stop laughing, though. He was so into the game, he didn’t even know some stranger just got in the car with him! And I didn’t just casually almost get in the car. I was sitting down, hands on the steering wheel, ready to start the car before I realized it wasn’t mine. Maybe, just maybe, we ought to put down our electronics and get back in the world. I love my phone: I love to text. I love to stay connected with my friends and my family. But sometimes electronics simply get in the way.