Environments are Everything

I’ve just come back from spending a week speaking at Capernwray Hall in England for Torchbearers. I visited several churches as well as a retreat center while I was there. What I have come to conclude is that environment is everything.


English manor houseI find when I’m at home I am so distracted by all the little things—the things I need to do around the house, the things I need to think about at the office, or the decisions I need to make. The turbulence of normal life drowns out my ability to know who God is. But when I put myself in a manor house like the one in this photograph, surrounded by rolling hills covered in sheep and the yellow-blooming gorse, something about that location draws me to the Creator. Something about those surroundings, bring me to a place where I want to talk to God because of the environment.


I’m reminded that I need to be intentional about the environments in which I place myself. Let’s face it, for most of our churches, environment isn’t that important. They are multipurpose buildings and we have chosen to use lights and videos and sound to create an environment. But it’s different when you’re in a God-created, God-breathed, natural, organic environment that just shouts that the Lord wants to speak to you. I would encourage you that sometimes we need to physically put ourselves in a place of receiving from God by carefully picking the type of environment in which we choose to talk to Him.