I got to spend the day with the Stromlunds in Arkansas. They are missionaries with InFaith who have been on the field for forty-nine years. They have spent their life, given their energy, and given their dreams to this field. When you are with Rodney Stromlund—on his turf, in his field—you experience the fire of God.


This guy loves Jesus and wants this part of the world to acknowledge the lordship of Christ. His life has been threatened, he has driven hundreds of miles, he’s gotten stuck in snow, all for one purpose: to bring the fire of God to the people of Arkansas. It has required boldness and risk because this is a part of our country that has a lot of spiritual battles going on, the adversary has strongholds that are deep and mighty. You can feel that tension in the air as you walk through this area.


But Rodney walks in boldness. And because of that boldness, the fire of God consumes the work of the adversary so that Rodney has freedom to share the gospel. He is a delight to be around. In many ways, he is an example of what it means to love God sacrificially for your whole life. Another thing that I like about Rodney is that he knows everybody. He’s friendly. He makes Christianity very attractive—you want to be like him. You want his peace. You want his rest. You want his ability to see clearly with wisdom. But the thing that most people see in Rodney is the very fire of God.