God's Provision

RobAnne and I have been blessed. We have more than enough. Our lives are full and we’re grateful. But even for those who have economic security, we still have this desperate need for God’s provision: when we get sick, we need healing; when we get depressed, we need god’s Spirit to bring us joy and strength. We need god’s provision. We always think about it in terms of material things, but He also provides us with dreams on how to advance His kingdom. He provides us with spiritual gifts that allow us to do effective ministry. God’s provision is key to what he does in our lives. Romans 4:17 says, “the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.” In other words, God’s provision is about calling us to things that we don’t see quite yet. Someone said, “God’s economy is to call forth what is not as if it were.” The first verse of Hebrews 11, about the definition of faith, talks about things “we do not see.” God’s provision is mighty and powerful.


I’ve been reading a book recently that talks about God’s provision as this great storehouse in heaven and how the storehouse is full of good gifts that God is waiting for us to receive. We have to put ourselves in the receiving mode. We love to give out. We love to fix our problems. We love to create an environment where we are in control. And, as a result, God’s provision sometimes is short-circuited. He wants to provide extravagantly. He wants to give us gifts that are mighty. He wants to allow us to part the Red Sea and we settle for a bridge. Or we settled for something far less than the extravagant things that God wants to give us. Not just materially, but spiritually. He loves us extravagantly. He believes that we can make a difference in His world for His kingdom because He will give us the gifts to do that. He provides for us. He is our provider. It’s awesome! I want to live expecting God’s provision and not trying to provide for myself.