Reaching the Limit

Last week I had to travel from Southern California all the way across the country for a two-day meeting then back across the country to spend the rest of the week traveling 500 miles to visit missionaries. By the time I got through that week, I was spent. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t plan anything. It was hard to read—I was just done—I had reached the limit. I don’t like to be there. It’s an abuse to my body, my soul, and my spiritual well-being. God does not intend me to be that far gone in weariness and tiredness. I feel like the Lord was speaking to me about how wrong that is. The reason I got to that point was because I had to get things done because it’s my responsibility. But I have a bigger responsibility to my heart and my soul.


When I was in grade school, I learned how to cross the street. You’re supposed to “stop, look, and listen.” Stop, look both ways, and listen to see if there’s anything coming. The same process applies to where I was last week. I needed to stop and take inventory: What is God saying? Why am I so tired? What do I need to do? Then I need to look—look to Him, look in Scripture, and to the powerful words of the Holy Spirit to give me direction. And finally, I need to listen—listen for His voice.


In a quiet chair in the Sacramento airport, I was finally all by myself. In my tiredness and weariness, I could again hear the voice of the Spirit—chastising me for getting in this physical, spiritual, and emotional situation; but also whispering words of affection and love and encouragement so that I could be restored. I would encourage you all to stop, look, and listen if you’ve reached your limit.