I don’t think it’s any new revelation that we all need to put space in our life for our families and for God and even for ourselves. I’ve heard that all my life. But what do you do with those spaces? What actually happens in those spaces?


Could I suggest that one of the things that happens in those spaces is that we become refreshed. Particularly if we start with sacred space that God gives each one of us to renew our spirits and minds and bodies. He creates space that when we walk into it it causes us to become restful. Worries seem to go away.


I often listen to a song whose words are, “When He (meaning Jesus) walks into the room, everything changes.” We need to have Him walk into the rooms of our life so that we can change. We change around Him because His presence is powerful. We need time with our families to get to know them. We need space for ourselves. That’s why recreation is so important – it’s a place where we can just relax and be ourselves. Let me suggest that instead of calling it “vacation” or “time off” or whatever comes to your mind, could we call it “sacred space”? God gives us places in our day, in our month, in our week that He wants to invade us in and we need to walk boldly into those spaces.