Starting Over

Recently I had a corrupt file on my Mac (which – for all you naysaying PC users – actually happens really infrequently). The corrupt file kept me from doing a task that I must do every month. Work began to pile up and I began to get frustrated. So I called the help desk, was on hold for over an hour and a half, finally spent four hours on the phone with some guy somewhere in the world pirating my computer to fix the problem. As soon as he got off the call, I tried to get back into the program and it immediately crashed again with the same problem. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was.


I called the help center again and waited another hour and a half to get a technician to help me. I finally decided to just tell this help desk – which wasn’t a Mac help desk, but the software company’s help desk – “Just wipe it out. I want to start all over again. I don’t want anything of this program on my computer. Just start me new. I have my back up. I just want to start fresh.” (I back up my computer regularly, so I had the data that I needed.) And it was brilliant. In fifteen minutes I was back up and running. I was able to do my work. I was able to get the things done that I had been waiting for because I tried to fix something that was already corrupt and I needed to just start over.


I’m not trying to make a sermon out of every event that takes place, but I will tell you this: That is what God wants to do – He doesn’t want you to try to fix and patch and rework your sinful life. He wants to make you new. He wants you to start all over. He wants to return you to the DNA that he intended. He wants you to simply wipe out, through the blood of Christ, all those things that are corrupt and cause you to rash. He says, “I want to make you a new creature. I want to re-create you.” And He does that because we are created in His image. It’s a wonderful thing when you start over on your computer and don’t lose any data. It’s an even greater thing when you start all over and you’re restored to a right re-fellowship with our Creator.