Staying in the Flow

One of the things that I’ve learned and have enjoyed is being more in tune with the work and the person of the Holy Spirit. There are lots of different flavors of how people approach the work of the Spirit, but one universal thought is that the Spirit flows within us and we need to stay in that flow. Recently I was preaching in a church and I really sensed that the way I needed to end my teaching was different than what was planned – it would create a logistic nightmare and would create a problem for people that love structure and sameness. But I decided to take a chance and stay in the flow. I said to the congregation, “If you would like to know more about this, or experience this, just come forward and we’re going to pray with you.” God did a great work there.


It seems too often that I stay to my notes. I train myself to stay within the structures that I think are important but God may have something totally unique and different if we stay in the flow. The flow of the conversations that we have with people could be directed by God in unique ways if we simply ask God, “What is it that you want us to do with this conversation? What is my assignment with this person?” We stay in the flow when we begin to look for opportunities to not only share our faith but share His word and dispense His love and justice and mercy to the people around us. I love this idea of staying in the flow. It allows us to understand who God is in a deeper way.