The Father's Heart

I have just returned home from a week of speaking at a Bible school in Germany called Bodenseehof. I spoke on the Ten Commandments, which cover every aspect of life—our worship, our parents, our integrity, and our ability to hold life sacred. It’s an amazing series and very fun to teach.


The hardest commandment for many of the students is the one about honoring your father and mother. It amazes me how many fathers are absent, and how many are cold to their kids, particularly to their daughters. Recently, I was with a good friend who terms those with no relationship to their father as having an “orphan spirit.” When someone feels like they are rejected or the relationship between them and their father is severed or damaged, there is an orphan spirit that arises that needs to be prayed against. It was difficult to hear some of the students’ stories that they would share with me about their relationship with their dads. Some of them tried desperately to get love. Some of them were never told “I love you,” or never hugged by their fathers.


So for those of you reading this, it is a call to the dads: Wake up, there is much work to be done! Your absenteeism, or your lack of priority for your kids, will cause them harm in the future. Your arms and your words are the antidote to inoculate them from this orphan spirit. It’s a call to the church to do more by building fathers and sons and fathers and daughters together. It’s a call to our mission, InFaith, that we need to take that commandment seriously and work hard to make sure that people honor their father and mother. It doesn’t say honor your good father and your good mother. It says, honor that male and that female who brought you into this world and if you do, your life will be longer—it’s a promise.