Today Is Our 200th Anniversary

Today is the 200th Anniversary of InFaith. It was 200 years ago on this day that our mission was incorporated—when God raised up a group of men and women who had a heart for the children of Philadelphia. From that simple, small vision a national organization was birthed called the American Sunday School Union. It quickly became not just an organization, but a movement of God. The American Sunday School Union started 35,000 churches and Sunday schools.


This amazing movement of God has not stopped. We are now called InFaith and we faithfully serve our God by providing a covering for missionaries who serve in the United States. We have not forgotten our roots. We have not forgotten that we were raised up by God to reach this country—the United States of America—for Christ. We were raised up to be the hands and feet of God to reach people for the kingdom of our God. So, happy birthday, InFaith: 200 years of faithful service, 200 years of watching God provide in miraculous ways, 200 years of raising the great name of our Lord Jesus Christ!