Who Are You

Abby Mason spoke at our InFaith national conference and talked about our identity in Christ – who we are, who we say we are, who we think we are. She started in a way which at first is shocking, but when you think about it further, is actually so right on. She said, “I am not a sinner, but I sin.” The idea there is that God has redeemed us: He’s grafted us into His family and made us His children. He’s bought us with a price, shed His blood for our forgiveness, and given us hope. So we need to walk in our new identity as a new creation.


But as the old man fights with the new creation that God has made us, we sin. We disobey and we do things we shouldn’t. But that does not affect how we see ourselves. How we see ourselves should not be as beaten down, poor, a sinner, worth nothing. We have been bought by a price. We have been redeemed by grace. And so while we sin, we still can speak to ourselves and speak to each other that we are part of God’s family. I see too many Christians who are so discouraged because they feel they can never be Christ-like. Well, wake up! We can only be Christ-like because Christ dwells in us through the Holy Spirit and gives us a new identity – an identity of grace and power and hope and forgiveness. So because I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, I’m not a sinner, but I sin.