Give Local on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is November 27

Zach* was just 16-years-old when his dad left him at a friend’s house and never came back. When his welcome wore out, he didn’t know where to go. That’s when Zach started living under a bridge in his home state of Oregon, using a large rock to sleep on.


It’s not just Zach. There are homeless youth in your own community. According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are 1,260,721 homeless children and youth throughout the United States. Just imagine your child or someone you know between the ages of 12 and 17 without a home or a parent. There are over one million of them!


Thankfully for Zach, he was close to an InFaith youth shelter which gave him a place to call home until he could be out on his own. He went to school every day, had a bed to sleep in, and got help in getting a job.


Your gift broadens our reach to meet hidden needs—like Zach’s—in local communities all around the United States. Thank you for giving a gift today as part of our “Give Local" effort to bless communities that are often unseen.


*Name has been changed