Active Faith

A few weeks ago, we taped a podcast with Rob Stoppard about living a lifestyle of active faith. He did such a masterful job of making faith core to our Christian behavior, and to our dialogue with God about certain things that happen in our lives. Rob unpacked the word “faith” and how to actually live a lifestyle of faith that's active. Even people like me—who have studied the Bible all their life, gone to seminary, who understand the background of the Word of God written in scripture—realize they still don't really believe some things in the Bible, unless they have faith.


Suddenly, walking on water is a tale, and Jonah and the whale becomes a story. We view it as something that happened then, but that God could never do those supernatural things now. Our faith becomes dull and inactive because we don't appropriate the authority that God has given to us to live and act in faith. Faith is a word that has become soft, but when I read the New Testament, it's not soft, it's radical! It's countercultural, and Rob unpacks that.


So, listen to this podcast here. Enjoy! I think it'll change your view of how to live a lifestyle of active faith.