The Amazing Story of Coventry Cathedral

In the winter of 1940, the city of Coventry in the United Kingdom was under a blitzkrieg. While it was under attack from the air, the magnificent cathedral in Coventry was destroyed. If you go there today, it’s a very moving site. The old footprint of the building and some of the original walls are still there. You can see some of the burns where the old cathedral was destroyed. But now there is a new cathedral in its place—risen from the ashes. It’s an incredible work that takes into consideration old and new.


The thing that’s most amazing is how the new cathedral happened. There's a book called Fire in Coventry that talks about the priests and the lay people getting together in small groups after the cathedral was destroyed. The Spirit came on them and out of that experience they said, “We need to show that out of the ashes of our lives, out of the pain and stress of our lives, rises a brand-new work of Christ, which is a work of the Holy Spirit.” And so, the “fire of Coventry” actually came out of the ashes of the old cathedral. What a story! What an amazing experience to go to Coventry and to see this marvelous work of art—the new Coventry cathedral. It is one of those places where heaven and earth is separated by a very thin space.