Consider More Podcast

We recently taped our third Consider More Podcast and the topic of this particular one was racial reconciliation. Our speaker for Refresh, our internal InFaith conference, last year was Pastor Terry Davis. He and his wife, Pam, co-pastor Christ Community Church in Philadelphia; a thriving multiethnic community of believers in the University of Pennsylvania area. If you'd like to hear my conversation with the Davises about racial reconciliation and what God is doing in the country, you can tune into this episode of the Consider More Podcast here.


I want to share four “L”s about the Davises with you. The first “L” is love. These people love each other, and their love is contagious. They talk respectfully to each other and honor one another. They love their relationship so much that it spills out. Terry is the only person I’ve ever know that at the end of a conversation said, “Love you forever Ridge.” Love is their currency, and they give it freely. Second, Terry and Pam listen. The ideas that they share in the podcast all start with listening. They encouraged us to listen to one another and open up a dialogue in a place where we can exchange ideas. So that we can hear how people come to their conclusions with the information that they give. The Davises listen well.


The third “L” is needing to learn. The Davises urge us to not only listen to, but also learn from other people. Learn that others have something to add to your life, that they have something to give to you. We can learn in different situations with different personalities and with different relationships. And finally, the fourth “L” is that they lead. On the podcast there's a great story about what the Davises did after some of the protests in Philadelphia. They ran into a couple different people downtown and spoke with them and really took the time to listen. Terry and Pam lead their congregation and lead their friends to something very powerful. You’ve got to listen to this podcast. It's really good. And the reason it's good is because the Davises are authentic.