Forty-Eight Percent

In doing some research on the state of young people and church in the United States, I discovered that of the students who were in evangelical church youth groups, went to camp, and did mission trips, only 48% of them still value their faith by the time they're thirty years old. That's pretty disturbing.


If you dig deeper, you find out that they are often hurt by theology. Some kids who grow up in charismatic situations really struggle with how to live out their faith as adults. The students who grew up in a more evangelical mainstream church often struggle with the relevancy of the church to what they deal with in everyday life. Another interesting thing to consider is that the way we do worship—with so much supporting material, lights, and projected words—has overshadowed the simple Christian life of being by yourself, spending time alone, and allowing God to speak to you in personal ways.


We as Christian leaders need to really consider how we capture this generation. What are we going to do to bring our people together in a way that allows them to see the glory of God without distraction? We need to go after that forty-eight percent.