Human Contact

Last Saturday night, five of us got together because we simply were tired of not talking to human beings. We got tired of Zoom, tired of the phone, tired of FaceTime and Facebook. We were tired of everything being virtual, and all we wanted to do was sit around the table and talk. It was so good! A couple of the people who we gathered with have reason to be very concerned about the virus and so we practiced everything we could to make everyone feel safe and secure. We went around the circle and talked about what's happening to us during this pandemic. We shared about what’s really difficult for us in the part of us that nobody sees. We hung out from 7:00pm until 10:00pm and could have gone a lot longer.


It was great! You know why? Human contact. It wasn't drive-in church or virtual church, it was brothers and sisters in Christ gathering together simply to be able to have contact with each other—to be a community. Jesus tells us in kind of a roundabout way how important this is. Remember that Jesus was confronted with some lepers, and if you were a leper in that time no one talked to you. You were isolated—quarantined—forever. The Bible says Jesus touched the leper skin to skin, human being to human being, and that was amazing. So, I would encourage you if you're stuck in this pandemic and feel alone and isolated, find a way to safely have human contact, it's essential to life.