Recently, I was talking to a good friend at our church whose son is in the Navy at Great Lakes in Illinois. The son was going to visit for a few days because, as she said, “He has five days of liberty.” Begin to think about that: five days of liberty. Why do they call it liberty? It seems to me that they are under the restrictions placed on them when they are in uniform or on active duty, so when they have time off, they have been liberated from those rules and from the regimen that is necessary for them to be effective sailors in the Navy. For that reason, they don’t call it vacation, holiday, time off, or PTO; they call it liberty.


That made me think about us and our relationship with Christ. We live in liberty; we’re not under the rule of law, or the legalism of some of our churches. We have liberty to live life more abundantly. Liberty that allows us to be all that God wants us to be—to receive His goodness, to receive His rightness, to receive who He is as our Savior and Lord. Where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom. And freedom translates in military terms to liberty.