In Hebrews 6:19 it says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” What is that anchor? The anchor is God's word, God's promises, and God’s inability to lie. God is all truth and what He says is true will happen, and that becomes our anchor. That becomes what we hook into to hold us during turbulent times. We have this hope as an anchor for our soul: strong, firm, and secure.


When we anchor into God’s promises, we anchor into God's character. And God’s character is always for our good. God's character is always designed to help us be all that He wants us to be. Bill Johnson once said that God answers prayers with His promises and I think that’s true. When we are unsure of our faith, our hope becomes an anchor for our souls. When we're in turbulent times we guard the gift of the Holy Spirit inside us that brings us into hope and to wisdom. What exactly is an anchor? An anchor is there to keep the ship from wandering off or from being in a place where it drifts. So, when we have this hope, God's promises, His character, and His unchangeability become our anchor. And we will stand firm.