Psalm 57:2 in the New Living Translation says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.” Having a purpose is key. It’s so important. That purpose defines who we are. It also defines who we’re not. I don’t purpose to be a heart surgeon; I’d be a terrible one. So, for me to purpose to be a CEO eliminates certain occupations that I just wouldn’t fit into. When I look back at my life choices—moving back to California, where I went to seminary, where I went to college—all of those were choices that I made, but they also fulfilled God’s purpose in me.


There's another form of this. There’s another kind of purpose that God is calling us to: each one of us has a specific part of this great mosaic that God is building through His Kingdom on this earth. We have a key piece in it. We may be a bit part player in a big movie, but we have a part! That bit part is our purpose. Whether the expression of our faith is in helping, or maybe it's in prophecy, or in teaching, or any of the gifts of the Spirit; the fruit of the Spirit precedes it. Out of the fruit of the Spirit comes the gifts of the Spirit that become the expression or the manifestation of God's Kingdom on earth. And you have one specific part. Now some people go wacko with this and say, “I’m never sure I'm in the right space and therefore I guess God hasn't really fulfilled his purpose in me.” The reality is you can only do what you know about. So, ask God specifically, “Is this my assignment? Am I called here? Is this what I'm supposed to do?” In the course of those questions, you’re going to find out something. You're going to find out that God has an amazing purpose for you. And, as Psalm 57 says, “God will fulfill his purpose for me.” He knows you. He loves you. He anoints you. And He has a specific purpose for you.