A few weeks ago, I was praying with someone who’s getting ready to start in ministry. They were struggling with inadequacy, and asking, “Am I good enough? And educated enough? I look at others in ministry and they're just so much more mature than I am. I don't know what to do.” The Lord prompted me to talk to this person about self-talk—the conversations we have in our heads about what’s going on. They’re conversations we have when we're not really even thinking, and sometimes that self-talk can be extremely harmful and hurtful, like it was with this individual.


There's some self-talk that ignites us and makes us incredibly gifted in reaching out. Within the quietness of your own heart and head you hear, “I'm a child of God. I'm created to do His work. He loves me. He blesses me. God has embraced me.” God has caused an amazing work in our lives and we no longer live with the talk that says, “I'm not good enough.” But with the truth that, “I live in the riches of Christ. I am a new creation.” It's not about positive thinking or denial, it's about who you really are. What is it that God has really done in your life? What assignment is He giving you that no one else can do, because it's directed right for you?


I was in church recently and the Lord prompted me that I needed to get right with one of the other guys in our church. Years ago, we had a falling out, and this particular Sunday God just said, “You need to go and talk to that person.” The whole way walking over to him my self-talk was, “Ridge this is not good. Don't do this. It's not worth it.” But when I got there and said to myself, “I am doing what God has called me to do and He goes before me,” a sweeping bit of mercy and grace came over our conversation. Why? Because I didn’t believe what my old self said to me, I only believe what God has said to me. Our self-talk needs to reflect what the Word of God says about our identities.