An Unlikely Missionary

The Bible is full of characters who you never think would be valid, qualified missionaries. For example, Rahab: her line of work doesn't exactly fit into most evangelical circles. Paul persecuted Christians. He had a letter authorizing him to arrest them and drag them back to Jerusalem to put them on trial. And yet God broke into his life on the Damascus road. Gideon was afraid, small, and had bad self-esteem, but God said, “Hey mighty warrior, you’re going to lead the Israelites in defeating the enemies that are surrounding them.”


God is not done using unlikely people to do amazing things. Recently, I was on a call interviewing a potential new missionary. He began to tell me a little bit about his life and it was all about how he's not qualified: not good enough, not strong or wise enough, not enough experience, not enough faith—everything was not enough. I finally had to say to him, “Listen, you're in the best spot possible because you're in good company with those in God's word who were the most unlikely candidates. God's going to use you in powerful ways.” His face lit up. He smiled and began to look more confident and said, “I understand, but I still feel like I'm not worthy.” Let me just say this to those of you who may be reading this blog and have had that same feeling: Jesus is enough. God is enough. You don't need to add anything. You don't need to get a call and add education or experience or finance or whatever. Jesus is enough. If He has called you and you are obedient, He will take care of you.