What Ever Happened to the Supernatural?

I was reading in the New Testament this morning. In the book of Acts, I began to see miracle after miracle: demons cast out, people being healed, lives being turned around, and those who were insecure receiving confidence—all by the ministry of the disciples of Jesus. What ever happened to the supernatural? What ever happened to healings and amazing things? In Luke 10, when the disciples came back after being sent out by Jesus, they didn't say, “We had a great service. We had a wonderful time together. We met a lot of great Christian people.” No, they said, “We cast out demons and healed people. We all understand the power of your name.”


So, what has happened to this? Could it be that we've lost a basic belief that God can do anything He wants? Could it be that we've lost belief? We now look only at our experience and only at what we can see, and we leave out the supernatural. As a result, everything becomes dumbed down, everything becomes a place that we can explain. God is not explainable. Could it be that we've reduced God to a manageable, safe space? We are able to put our arms around Him and control Him. He can work in certain ways, but we don't allow Him to do what He wants to do—which may be supernatural and uncomfortable for us.


I think the Church and the people of God need to understand the gifts of God. Then we can become spokespeople in the hands of God. And when we do that, we defeat what Satan wants—to make everything in the natural controllable. What ever happened to the supernatural? We have been robbed of our belief that God can do anything.