Whatever Happened to Meditation?

I am getting very tired of the world and false theologies polluting words that are important to spiritual growth. When I say the word “meditation,” some of you are going to think about eastern religion or yoga or some other form of inner self-examination that brings levels of peace that we work through. That's not what the Bible talks about. The Bible talks about us meditating on His Word day and night. We breathe it. We live it. We eat it. We experience it. We focus all of our attention—100% laser focused—on a section.


Henri Nouwen writes this: “A word or sentence repeated frequently can help us concentrate, to move to the center and create inner stillness.” That's what we want! That's what the Bible calls “shalom”— inner stillness. There's a part of you that no one sees, but you know when you're worked up, or when you’re in conflict. You know when you're not right. And you know when you have inner stillness. That inner stillness is what we seek and that comes through meditation.


In the Dare to Journey book by Henri Nouwen it talks about repeating the words “the Lord is my shepherd” over and over again. When you dig deep into those words, you begin to see a care and a protection from the Lord. You begin to see that we are part of His flock. Meditation and repeating those words and focusing on them with all of who you are suddenly becomes a lifeline between you and the Heavenly Father. Meditation is good. The Bible calls us to meditate. Don't let the world rob us of a spiritual discipline that's important.