Yesterday’s Event

Last night, InFaith did a 90-minute streaming event online that was just fun. It involved a comedian, an amazing camera crew, and leadership and organization. I look back to it and I just can't believe we pulled it off! I can't believe that the team of writers were able to capture what we needed to say. It’s incredible that there were people who understood how cameras work together to provide something interesting and powerful that shows excellence. And then there was Brad Stine’s talent—he’s funny without telling off-color jokes because he wants to serve God by making people laugh. It was just a really good event.


Behind the scenes—the part of this that no one could see—was a group of talented people doing the right thing with the right anointing and the right assignment. When all of those things converge, it's amazing what God will do. It reminds me that the Holy Spirit gives us gifts and equips us for things that are good for the Church and good for the Kingdom. So, I want to encourage you to use your giftedness. There's a place in the Kingdom for the giftedness that God has given you, and He can use it.


If you missed watching our event last night, you can watch a recording of it here: