Caleb and Natasha Dulinsky

Caleb & Natasha Dulinsky


Georgetown, CA
United States


Caleb and Natasha are interning at Forward Bible Camp in Georgetown, CA. They’ll be gaining experience in all aspects of camp including maintenance, kitchen, program, chapel, and administration.

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Local Reach

Forward Bible Camp and the community are rural. Caleb and Natasha see a great need to reach the unbelievers in their community. The community is primarily made up of middle to lower-class families and is a largely unchurched population.

The main reach Caleb and Natasha have is through the camp they are interning at, Forward Bible Camp. They are disciplining the churched and sharing the gospel with unbelievers they meet at camp and in the community. They take kids away from the busyness of everyday life and help them refocus on what really matters.

Caleb and Natasha Dulinsky became approved interns with InFaith in 2022 and will be working with Mitch McEfee and TJ Morris at Forward Bible Camp.

Caleb and Natasha grew up and met in the community and got married in early 2022. Camp ministry had a huge impact on both of their lives growing up which is what led them to serve at Forward Bible Camp right after they married.

Georgetown, CA
United States

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