David Sheaffer

Field Staff

Philadelphia Area, PA
United States

Children/Youth Cross-Cultural Discipleship Urban Ministry Young Adult

David Sheaffer reaches children in underserved urban communities of the Delaware Valley through his ministry, Crossover Tennis. Tennis, like many sports, is a natural bridge for traversing and connecting what might otherwise be disparate communities. Through tennis he and the other staff can be more than instructors, they become advocates that impart life-skills, bring laughter, expand horizons, and share God’s love.

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Local Reach

David Sheaffer serves in the Delaware Valley, an area home to more than 6,000,000 people. His reach is focused on the youth in underserved urban communities in cities like Camden and Philadelphia. Communities that are a melting pot of immigrants and nationalities all with unique challenges as they establish themselves in America or feel abandoned.

Many children in these environments face significant challenges with education, broken homes, and poverty. They may be forced to grow up too quickly or see no future for themselves beyond their current circumstances. David wants these children to see hope.

After seeing the need in his community, David is establishing Crossover Tennis as a means of expressing God’s love through the sport. His goal is to partner with existing churches in underserved urban communities to establish ongoing tennis outreach programs in the cities like Camden, Chester, Norristown, and Philadelphia. David is open and optimistic about expanding into new communities as opportunities present themselves.

David’s desire is to serve the children and youth in these communities using sport as a natural platform. Tennis introduces a new element and provides a bridge into their lives where Crossover Tennis staff can serve the community. David and his staff want to be advocates who impart life-skills, bring laughter, expand horizons, and share God’s love.

David says, “Crossover Tennis teaches children about practice and patience, sportsmanship and self-esteem, fairness and fitness, determination and discipline, critical thinking, and delayed gratification.” He adds, “Ultimately, all of Crossover Tennis’ achievements should be measured in our ability to share Christ’s love, the most precious gift we have to offer.”

The “crossover” in tennis is a step designed to help kids recover after a shot and simultaneously help them prepare for the next one. “Crossover Tennis” is meant to help children recover and prepare on the court, in life, and the life to come.

David Sheaffer became an approved candidate with InFaith in 2019.

David has been married to Erika for over twenty years. Together they have four children ranging from seven to seventeen. David is a graduate of Messiah College and played Varsity Tennis while in school. Vocationally, he has served with different Christian non-profits including World Harvest Mission (now Serge) for a decade. More recently David has been privileged to coach successful programs at the college, high school, and middle school level. He also runs a community-based tennis academy in Montgomery County, PA.

David is excited to join InFaith and looks forward to serving their existing urban ministries and churches in the Delaware Valley.

Philadelphia Area, PA
United States

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