Jeremiah & Felica Carswell


Lafollette, TN
United States

Area Ministry Camping Chaplaincy Children/Youth Church Planting Cross-Cultural Prison Rural Ministry Seniors Urban Ministry Young Adult

Jeremiah and Felica do training-based ministry to equip the body of Christ for everyday ministry, in order to fulfil the commission of Christ to preach the gospel everywhere. After years involved in a wide array of ministries, they see that the greatest need among us (including within the church) is discipleship. People need to know Jesus in an intimate way, and to come into maturity in knowing who we are, as the body of Christ, and our commission in the earth, as ambassadors and witnesses for Christ.

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Local Reach

Jeremiah and Felica’s immediate area of ministry is rural, small-town environment, but expands into the other larger metropolitan areas. Their local mainly consists of middle- to lower-economic status communities within close proximity, surrounding the core of rural blue-collar demographics.

Within the communities, there is a common thread of believers in Christ, with varying degrees of persuasion and devotion. It is quite rare to encounter someone who has not at least heard the name and gospel of Jesus.

After seeing the needs in their community, Jeremiah and Felica began reaching out to the vast number of people who make up their local. They reach those who are homeless, drug addicts, broken homes/families, children, elderly, those living in poverty, and the oppressed. They see all of this just in their community and hope to reach as many as they possibly can.

Jeremiah and Felica Carswell became approved candidates with InFaith in 2021.

Jeremiah and Felica have been married for 18 years and have 4 beautiful children- 2 boys and twin girls. Jeremiah has a bachelor’s degree in business and Felica has an undergraduate in law and a graduate degree in education.

Through a chain of events and footsteps, Jeremiah and Felica started volunteering at Galilee Bible Camp in LaFollette, TN, and know God is clearly leading them to help more with the amazing work happening at this camp.

Lafollette, TN
United States

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