Marissa Bostick


Dallas, TX
United States

Area Ministry Chaplaincy Children/Youth Creative Urban Ministry

Marissa works with women and families in the DFW area in Texas. The ministry focuses on families who have experienced pregnancy, infant, or child loss. Marissa tries to help these families find peace and hope by address their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. She also accompanies people of all ages who are dying, offering support and comfort in their final moments.

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Local Reach

Marissa and her husband Barret, moved to Tioga, Texas in the summer of 2020. Tioga is a small rural city just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and is located right next to a lake and other state parks. The DFW Metroplex covers a wide area with a huge population. The area includes urban, suburban, and rural cities.

This community needs someone to come alongside them during this period of transition. This can be done by helping youth with academic success, creating a sense of community and fellowship, as well as by helping them to find God and providing spiritual guidance. Marissa wants to help families be successful and thrive.

After seeing the need in her community, Marissa decided to start ministering to families who have experienced pregnancy, infant, and child loss. This ministry comes alongside these families during the most difficult time in their lives by guiding them through the grieving process, making sure that their physical and emotional needs are met, and helping them to rely on God in the midst of their suffering. She also supports pregnant people before, during, and after birth and accompanies those who are dying during their final days.

She is also in the process of buying a property where families can come to find peace, healing, and refuge in their time of sorrow.

Marissa Bostick became an approved candidate with InFaith in 2018.

She attended Lubbock Christian University where she earned a degree in English and Missions. At college, she met her wonderful husband, Barret and they were married shortly after graduation. Together, they moved to Austin where Marissa spent a year working with homeless teens and young adults. After a year, they moved to Dallas where Marissa got connect with the InFaith refugee ministry there. After a while, she started her own ministry working with families who had experienced pregnancy, infant, and child loss.

Dallas, TX
United States

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