Mesha Fuller

Field Staff

Exton, PA
United States


Mesha Fuller serves in InFaith’s Home Office as the Communication Strategist. This role involves work as the staff writer and editor, and enables her to help shape the national “voice” of InFaith.

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Local Reach

Mesha Fuller serves in InFaith's Home Office, located in Exton, Pennsylvania. As such, her "local" is not only the national office of InFaith, but she also assists and effects the wider reach of InFaith field staff throughout the United States—in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Mesha serves as the Communication Strategist, which involves work as the staff writer and editor, and enables her to help shape the national “voice” of InFaith. Her job includes writing for the bi-annual Circle newsletter publication, assisting with photo and film shoots, helping strategize new directions in advertising, crafting the way InFaith presents itself at conferences, editing website and social media content, and helping train candidates in how to communicate about their ministries.

Mesha raises support to help fund her salary at InFaith.

Mesha has served as Home Office staff since 2010.

After getting her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from New Mexico State University, Mesha worked as a journalist for several years in newspapers and magazines. She then moved into the nonprofit world. Mesha worked in communication for Food for the Hungry in Lima, Peru for four years, before moving back to the States to work with InFaith. She loves using her communication skills to advance God’s kingdom wherever life finds her.

Both Mesha and her husband, David, love working and living cross-culturally and have enjoyed seeing how God has allowed them to do that here in the Philadelphia area. David works for a local nonprofit organization in the city of Philadelphia. They have one son.

Exton, PA
United States

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