Ridge Burns
Ridge Burns

Come With Me to a Quiet Place


December 2021

With life being so busy in the holiday season and the pandemic swelling again, it's hard to find space to get your bearings and hear the voice of God. It's hard to find a quiet place because we’re not only talking about a physical place that's quiet—we can usually find those. But we’re also talking about a quiet space for your soul—for your heart, dreams, and ambitions. A quiet place where God can rework some of the things that you think are important, where your perspective and priorities can change.

The Bible talks about Jesus’ disciples being around him and telling him all the great things that were happening and had happened to them. Jesus responded by saying, “Let's get quiet.” Ministry takes energy. So, we need to go to these physical and spiritual quiet places to get refreshed. When Jesus got interrupted and ended up feeding 5,000 people—well actually 5,000 men plus all the women and children, so probably more like 10,000 or 12,000 people—it didn't sound like rest. Sometimes that's exactly what life is like in ministry: you plan a day to rest, to be alone, to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, but the challenges of ministry just drowns it out and you end up still tired, still concerned. After feeding the 5,000, Jesus sent the disciples ahead and He went all by Himself to be with the Father alone.

My friends, I believe that's where we need to be in this season. We need to go and find a quiet place where we can hear the voice of God. We need to find a place where the noise of life and of our culture, the noise of the pandemic and the noise of ministry get drowned out by the very voice of God. So that you can hear Jesus saying to you, “Come with me to a quiet place.” Accept that invitation and find that quiet place where God can speak.