Ridge Burns
Ridge Burns

The Goodness of God


March 2022

There is a wonderful song we sing in church that talks about the way God’s goodness has followed us all our lives, how the goodness of God has been the landscape where God has really grown us, because He’s good. He’s always good.

I think about my career. I could not ask for a better career. There is not one thing I would change about it – the positions I’ve held, the leadership. I’ve been a CEO for 39 years. I’ve been able to lead and direct so many great people, and the ministries have been so good to me.

I want to declare the goodness of God, that those who walk by faith – not by sight, but by faith – will experience the goodness of God. The goodness of God is not in everything being great. It’s that when you walk your life, through the good times and the hard times, the one thing that is a common thread, a constant, is the goodness of God. And so in this, my last blog as executive director of InFaith, I leave you with this truth:

God is good. He is good. He is very good.